To our puppy buyers – important information BEFORE buying a TM

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• The TM is a protective dog. It will protect you, your house, your car, your children, your hotel room, your street.... This can cause difficulties you shouldn't underestimate. A territorial dog like the Tibetan Mastiff is not a typical family- and compagnion dog (like Labrador etc.) and will not turn into one by excellent socialisation.
E.g., if you own a shop and allow the adult dog to be in the sales room, don't be surprised if it seriously starts to refuse buyer's coming or leaving. From the dog's point of view your customers penetrate its territory.

• It is absolutely necessary to socialize him very, very well. Allow him to get to know other people, your pets, other animals,... from the first day he lives in your house. From the beginning, take him with you where ever you can – to the restaurant, to friends, to the vet, to the market, to shows etc..

• He can be a barker, especially in the evening or at night. Maybe your neighbours will not love this very much – maybe you are not happy if you fall out of your bed at night when he starts to bark because he heard a fox crossing your lot.

• He is not easy to lead and to train obedience. To let him go without leaf is hard work. He is a very independent dog. You will have to be very inventive to educate him; current methods of dog training will not lead to success with this breed. - Make sure you can control him or he will make his own decisions.

• He usually acts very slowly but he can react very quickly if he meets his favourite enemy or sees a cat. He might regard a friend of you as a threatening if he or she comes to meet you too quickly and affectionately, if it doesn't know the person very well or at all.

• It is not true that the TM does not hunt. He does! Or how would you call it if he runs after a cat or a rabbit?

• He is very good and patient with – well educated – children, he is devoted to his family and well-known friends.

• He looses his coat in spring/early summer for 6-8 weeks. This will be hard work for you, you will need a good hoover. But after this time he doesn't loose any hair for the rest of the year.

• He can be a very funny dog, you will often laugh.
He can act like a cat – absolutely silent, he can act like a donkey – absolutely stubborn, he can be skilled like a mountain-goat and he's really clever. Usually he is very calm and cool, but pay attention if he gets upset. It takes him a long time to get angry, but when...

• It should be clear that he doesn't want to live in a flat – or which is worse – in a kennel or chained. He loves to be outside where he can watch and control „his“ lot and he also wants to be with his people.

• Especially at young age he loves to work in your garden. His view of garden design may not be identical with yours. Perhaps he will not like your favorite plants. He can dig tunnels to your neighbours or maybe he burrows very deep holes in your dear flower-beds.

• Make sure that he is not alone with your new expensive furniture. Maybe he doesn't appreciate it the way you do and it is possible that he turns it into pieces.

• The costs you will save at buying food you should invest into a very solid fence which should be high and also deep! TMs are often very economical of food, but some of them give their best to leave your lot.

• The bitches come into season usually only once a year.

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