*29.01.2008 • female • grey and tan

International, Belgian, Dutch & German Champion
German Europajugendsieger 2009
German Bundessieger 2009 • German Europasieger 2010
Centenary Winner at Dortmund 2011

Placed 3 in Intermediate at TDE 2009
Placed 2 in Intermediate Class at WDS 2009
Placed 3 in Champion Class at WDS 2012

Youth Winner & Winner Amsterdam 2008
Crufts Qualification with 9 months

DNA certified: 101314
Pedigree: LOSH 1032060 - PDF (836 KB)


Hips: A – Elbows 0/0
Eyes: Clear, healthy (2013)– Thyroid: Good normal

Some of Nimah's babies

M-litter / M-Wurf 2013

Nandari's Maoui-Kishu, female, PL

Nandari's Mitayu, male, D

Nandari's Minou, female, GB

Nandari's Manjiran-D'Argo, male, GB

Nandari's Mataoui, female, B

Nandari's Mandzirah, female, B

K-litter / K-Wurf 2011
(with many, many thanks to the owners for sending the pictures)

Nandari's Kharisma, female, US

Nandari's Khangri, male, Germany

<<< Nandari's Khyimahatma, female, Poland

Juniorchampion of Poland & Germany
KTR Junior Club Winner
Kroatian Junior Club Winner
BIS Junior I, BIS Junior III

Champion of Poland, Kroatia, Germany, Russia


Awa Scar Mo Tibet Dog Europe 2011
Baltic Winner 2012
and many more titles.

Nandari's Kishu, male, Germany

Nandari's Kasha, male, Germany