03.02. 2019 IDS Eindhoven (NL)
Third time in intermediate class Lhagpa came back with excellent 1, CAC/IB and Best of Breed under judge J. Lawless (Ireland).
Being so positive and charming all the time he likewise enchants humans and doggy fellows and was asked to be the model for many pictures taken by the dog show visitors.

Neeri's son Nandari's Qomolhamo has received the title erman Youth Champion (VDH).
Many thanks and big congrats to him and his owners!

13.01. 2019 IDS Genk (B)
Second time in intermediate class Lhagpa came back with excellent 1 and the next Res. CAC/IB under judge Nemirosvsky de Alsina (Argentinia).
Furthermore he got his Belgian breeding certificate (St. Hubert).


17.11. 2018 Dortmund (D), Bundessiegerausstellung

Being the youngest and first time in intermediate class, Lhagpa received excellent2 Res. CAC/IB under special breed judge C. Habig.

12.08. 2018 Worlddogshow Amsterdam (NL)

At the wolddogshow, our International, German, Dutch und Belgian Champion Jiva had her well-deserved final entry in shows, being rewarded with excellent and place3 in veteran class.
Her motto: Show the world your ignorance. (Official WDS Slogan: Show the world your talent.).
Just a typical 'old-school' Tibetan Mastiff lady with attitude. ...


26.11. 2017 Dogachting Show / s'Hertogenbosch (NL)

A very tired baby after a very long day! I could not have asked for a better judge report and a "very promising" for Lhagpa at the Molosser Breeds Show. Judge and breed specialist: Bas Bosch.

29.10. 2017 IDS Leuven (B)
Show debut in baby class for two Nandari puppies! Being amazingly relaxed they achieved "very promising" each under judge Gustaaf van den Bosch (B). Lhagpa went to the mainring.

20.05. 2017 Europasiegerschau Dortmund
Under judge R. Hübenthal (S) Neeri received excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and as best bitch the Europasieger title.
So now she is German and International Champion.

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Nandari's Orion, son from Nimah's last litter

Winter has come!


Oct 14 – Neeri got excellent 1, double CAC, CACIB Nr. 6 & BOS, the Bundessieger title and her 3rd Crufts qualification at the Bundessieger Show in Dortmund/Germany. Judge: Mr. Özkanal from Turkey.

Sept 25 – Neeri received excellent 1, CAC, CACIB Nr. 5 & BOS at the IDS in Maastricht (NL), judge Mr. Giuliani from Italy. She also received her 2nd Crufts qualification.

Aug 6 – Neeri was rewarded with excellent 1, CAC, CACIB & BOB at the IDS Ludwigshafen in Germany.
Judge: Mrs. Schicker (D). Now she has 4 CACIBs in 3 countries and will finish the International Champion title next year.

Nandari meeting on May 1
What a special day – thank you all so much for coming!!!!!
We had a wonderful day with friendly and playful dogs.
Many big thanks to all who helped preparing and also who supported the meeting!

The brunch & the walk Dogs' party zone The funny game

May 8 – Europasiegershow Dortmund (D):
Neeri got an excellent and double CAC from the Lithuanian judge Mrs Ramune Kazlauskaite.

April 2– National Dogshow Genk (B):
Third time in Open Class Neeri got exc. 1, CAC and Best of Breed.

March 13 – International Dog show Genk (B):
Second time in Open Class Neeri was rewarded exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Crufts qualification

Jan 30 – International Dog show Mouscron (B):
First time in Open class Neeri was rewarded exc. 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS

Jan 24 – International Dog show Eindhoven (NL):
Back to shows with the youngest of our pack, Neeri achieved in intermediate class exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, and in the mainring she was placed 7 from many dogs in the always very crowded FCI II group (12 dogs in the final selection).
A great start of a show career for Omniah Bodhi, Nimah's daughter. 5.5 months old, she started in the Minor Puppy class, got Very Promising 1 and achieved a very successful BIS Baby 3 in the maing ring!
Many congratulations!

Neeri in the mainring BOG II 7 Omniah Bodhi on her first show BIS Baby III.


August 3: Nimah's babies are born. First pictures online here. For further infomations please check menu point "puppies".

Health testing:

Three Nandari puppies are working on their breeding permission this year and these are the results so far:

• Nandari's Manjushri Althan (Jiva son): HD A, ED 0/0; no signs of patella luxation; eye & character test = ok; thyroid test to follow; German Körung (KTR)
• Nandari's Mitayu (Nimah son): HD A, ED 0/0; no signs of patella luxation; thyroid & character test = ok; eye test to follow; German Körung (KTR)
• Nandari's Mandzirah (Nimah daughter): HD A; eye test = ok; no signs of patella luxation; more exams to follow

Nandari meeting on May 10
What a special day – thank you all so much for coming!!!!!
We had a wonderful day with friendly and playful dogs.
Many big thanks to all who helped preparing and also who supported the meeting!

Preparing the location The morning The brunch & the rallye

08. May – Neeri got the title "Europa Youth Winner" at the CACIB/Europasieger Show Dortmund.

Europa Youth Winners:
Rüde Zerida's Salikram Mahatma La & Neeri
Europa Winner females: Brittany Vladce Noci
Europa Youth Winner females: Neeri

March 21: We took part in the TM clubshow of the KTD Slovakia and came home with fantastic results: Neeri got best junior female of 8 girls and then also got junior BOB. Nandari achieved a second place in breeder's group competition. Judge was Peter Saransky (SK)

Neeri in the ring and winning best junior bitch
Neeri won the junior BOB against the best junior male
Nandari 2nd place in breeder's group
Family meeting at the show: From the left, Neeri's daddy Athos, Neeri, Jiva

March 24– Nimah meeting her daddy (12.5 years old) in Poland

March – I took part in a seminar about Dogs & Epilepsy at the VDH in Dortmund. The lecture was held by Andrea Tipold, Prof. for Neurology, University of Hannover (D)

March – Nandari's Manjiran D'Argo achieved 3rd place at Crufts in Limited Dogs Class

Feb – Nandari's Neeri got her breeding certificate. Judgement: "Excellent"

In 2015 we plan a litter with our two stunning girls Nimah (left) and Jiva.
For more information please check menupoint "puppies".

New pictures of Nandari's Neeri are online here


Dec. 12 – CAC Kassel, Germany
Nandari's Mitayu: best junior, best male, BOB and now German Youth Champion
Judge: Barbara Müller (D)

Nov. 16 – Clubmatch Tibetaanse Mastiff Club of The Netherlands
A successful day for mother and daughter!

• Nandari's Neeri, first time in junior class: excellent first place (of 6), also Junior BOB
1st point for the Dutch Youth Champion title
• Nandari's Jinghajiva: exc. 1, best bitch /BOS and now also Dutch Champion

Judge: breedspecialist Evert Verschoor (NL)

Jiva Neeri

Oct – Nandari's Mitayu (in Youth Class)
Best Of Breed at CACIB Hannover / Germany

Sept 28. – Special Show KTR, Werl, Germany
A very successful day for the Nandari Team.
Judge: breed specialist Primoz Peer

Jiva, exc., best female & BOB
Nandari's Mitayu, 1 year old, exc., best junior, best male, BOS, coming from Youth class
Neeri, best hoover you can think of for the ring carpet, very promising 3 in minor puppy, being the youngest
senior lady Dzingha, exc., best veteran, clearly demonstrated what she thinks about shows but moved great
Nimah, probably preparing for season time, grumpy and decided that shows are stupid, exc. 4 in Ch. class
And finally: Nandari best breeding group.

Mitayu in the BOB competition with Jiva – Mitayu BOS , Jiva BOB
Jiva best female, BOB BOS & BOB BOS & BOB
our breeding group Neeri, youngest in minor puppy Dzingha best veteran
Mitayu outside the ring and our lovely price for best breeding group

Sept 06. – Neeri achieved very promising 1 in junior class at the CACIB in Gießen (Germany)

Sept. 04 – Happy birthday Nandari M-Litter (Nimah)

Sept. – Update pictures of Nimah's great son Mitayu, just one year old

August 30 – Surprise family meeting with Puschkin and Namu (Neeshan)

Nandari pack posing

Neeri playing with her brother

...and with uncle Puschkin

Neeshan (Namu)

Neeshan (Namu)

Jakasha, Jiva's brother (Puschkin)

August – Great result for Nandari's Manjushri Althan (18 month old son of Jiva):
HD A – ED 0/0 – no signs of patella luxation

June 29 – CACIB Show Genk (B)
Neeri had a very successful day!
She became Best Baby of 6 and was also shortlisted in the mainring – under the first 8 of at least 45 babies!
Being the youngest in his class, Nandari's Nanga-Pharbat was judged very promising 2.
Thank you very much to his owners for showing him!

Best Baby (3 boys, 3 girls in the class)

In the best 8 selection, main ring

Neeri's beautiful brother Nandari's Nanga-Pharbat on his first show

June 22
Nandari family at the CACIB outdoor show in Uden (NL), from left to right:
Nandari's Manjushri Altan, excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOB
Nandari's Mitayu, first time in Youth Class, excellent, rCAC
Int., German, Belgian Ch. Vhaya Dzingha v Altnaharra (not entered)
Nandari's Neeri, first show, Baby Class, very promising, Best Baby
Int., German, Belgian, Dutch Ch. Nandari's Hanimah (not entered)
Int., German, Belgian Ch. Nandari's Jinghajiva, excellent, CAC/CACIB/BOS.

6 Nandaris

Neeri in the Best Baby Competition (all breeds)


The Nandari Team at the Europasiegershow in Dortmund on May 10

our 9.5 year old Dzingha who is still in very good condition became Europa-Veteranensieger

Dzingha in the main ring
From about 45 veterans she was shortlisted
(among the first 10)

Nimahs Son Mitayu on his first show

Mitayu got "very promising 1" in the junior class

Jiva became Europasieger and Best Bitch

Jiva totally shed in the competition

Althan on his first show - still needs some excercise

Puschkin who unfortunately doesn't like shows

New pictures of Nimah's chirldren (M-litter) – all 7 months old on the pics

Maoui "Kishu"

Maoui "Kishu"




Minou "Maya"

March: Nandari's Manjiran D'Argo, just 7 months old son of Nimah, got Best Puppy & Best Junior at the Tibetan Mastiff Club of Great Britain Spring Clubshow.

Judge: Wes Mc Crum, IRL - Show critique:
"Junior Dog
1st Nandari's Manjiran –D’Argo
6 month old very much still a baby, but exhibiting lots of promise, lovely expression, correct topline, correct laid back shoulder placement, super rear angulation, correct tailset and carriage, moved so very soundly, a lot to like and one to watch."

March: Jiva's black & tan daughter Neeri from the last N-litter is our new family member!

März: Education in balanced feeding of dogs at the VDH Academy in Dortmund

Jiva is expecting her babies around January 29.

I was very happy to receive these new lovely photos of Nimah's son Kasha (K-litter 2011). Many thanks to his owners for sending them!


Sept. 4: Nimah's babies are born!

Nimah's and Dzingha's update eye examination is online.

June - CACIB Show Oss (NL). After a long break we are back at shows. Nimah got Best of Breed and added the Dutch Champion to her long list of titles. Judge was breedspecialist P. Runderkamp (NL). Jiva's son Althan opened his show carrer with a "very promising and Best Baby" result – very relaxed and with typical baby behaviour. Marleen Baars achieved place 4 (of 10) with Nimah in the junior handling competition.

Althan (Nandari's Manjushri Althan) at his first show

Nimah Best of Breed and with Marleen Baars place 4 in junior handling

May - Nimah's daughter Selma reached a fantastic place 3 in the champion class at the Word Dog Show in Hungary!!!!

Jan. – Mr Silver (6 days old) having a good time

Jan. Nimah's daughter Selma in winterlook

Jan. 17: The babies are born! More information and pictures see "Puppies".



Jiva obviously found a nice place where to give birth and already takes good care of the first "baby" ;-)))

Jiva is pregnant! Puppies will be expected on Jan.19th.
Jiva & Senge

Volume 2 of the Tibetan Breeds Yearbook is available now. You can order your copy online here:

The girls started season time - honeymoon is coming closer....
Jiva Nimah

Oct. – Some update Nandari-Photos.
Nimah and Jiva guarding the lake The girls in their favourite lake
Jiva Nimah
Nandari's Jakasha Nandari's Kishu

Aug 4. – Jiva made another BOB at the CACIB Bremen and is now German Champion.

July. – Meet the girls on our walk:

31. July 2011/12. – Last year at this time we knew you would leave us forever, and on July 31 you passed the rainbowbridge at the age of 18 years - our little Kimba.

July 22. – Jiva was again successful at the CACIB show in Liége (B), got CAC, CACIB, BOB and was among the 1st ten of group II. in the ring of honour. She also finished the Belgian Championship.

July 7. – Another CAC, CACIB and BOB for Jiva at Genk CACIB (B)!

June 24. – At the international dogshow in Uden (NL) Jiva got CAC/CACIB & BOB and has now all points for the International Championtitle.

June 10. – The sisters Jiva & Gloria (Nandari's Janimah) had a successful weekend: Jiva reached her 5th BOB at the CAC in Lommel (B), and Gloria finished the Slovakian Champion title in Nitra (SK), received CAC/CACIB on both days and 1x BOB.

June. – New pics: Nimah and Jiva supporting the civil works in our home

May. – World Dog Show Austria 2012

We came home with nice results
• Nandari's Jinghajiva (Jiva): Excellent 2 in Open Class, Res CAC

Jiva (completely out of coat), excellent 2

• Nandari's Hanimah (Nimah): Excellent 3 in Champion Class

Nimah, excellent 3

• Nandari's Khyimahatma (Selma): Excellent 1 in Intermediate Class

Selma - excellent 1, CACA

Many congratulations Marta with Selma and to the winner dogs!

after WDS – adventure pictures

March.– At the International Dog Show in Katowice (PL) Nimah's daughter Nandari's Kyimahatma was judged excellent 1 and Junior Winner among 9 females in competiton and so finished her Polish Junior Championship

March.– Family meeting: Nandari's Jakasha ("Puschkin") visits the Nandari pack
Walk in the forest
Left: Sister (left) and brother – right: It's funny to annoy mummy ;-)

Do Khyi meeting in Slovakia – Or: A lesson in real winter for Western European ;-)

Feb.: Nandari's Khangri ("Rhadja") was succesful on his first show - excellent 1 and best TM junior:

Jan.: New pictures of Jiva, Nimah & Dzingha are online.


Dec. – First snow pictures are online here, also new pictures of Jiva.

Dec. – Jiva's official hip score is HD B.

Dec. – Dzingha adopts the guinea pig. :-)

Nov. – New pictures of Nimah's children are online here

Nov. – Visiting Dzingha's daughter in Bratislava: Pictures are here

Nov. – Our trip to the stud dog: Pictures are here

Oct. – Nimah's daughter Nandari's Khymahatma reached 'Awa Skar Mo' at the Tibet Dog Europe and was best Bitch and BIS Young Dog at the German Clubshow. She is now German Youth Champion.

17. Oct., Bundessieger CACIB Show Dortmund, judge Wes Mc Crum (IRE):
• our Nimah was Best Of Breed and Bundessieger for the 2nd time
• her daughter Nandari's Khyimahatma got 'very promising' in puppy class

our "Nimchen" received her 7. BOB – 15 TMs entered

Nimah's daughter, 9 months here

Nimah's daughter Nandari's Kharisma on her first show:
13 Oct 2011 – Mr Robert J Shreve – Sangre de Cristo KC – Reserve Winners Bitch
14 Oct 2011 – Mrs Lenora M Riddle – Sangre de Cristo KC – Reserve Winners Bitch
15 Oct 2011 – Mrs Loraine Boutwell – Valencia Valley KC – Reserve Winners Bitch  
16 Oct 2011 – Mrs Eva E Berg – Valencia Valley KC – Winners Bitch

Nandari's Kharisma on her first show - and tired after show

Nandari's Khorigo was judged very promising on his first show in Ózd/Hungary.

Nimah's son Khorigo

Excellent hip score for Nandari's Janimah: A/A

02.10.: Clubspecialty of the Tibetan Mastiff Club in Slovakia:
- Nandari's Janimah got Best Bitch = Specialty Winner, coming from intermediate class (58 TMs entered). Super, Gloria and family Rusnak, many congratulations!!!

Janimah specialty winner Slovakian Clubshow and (right) Slovakian Juniorchampion

25.08.: Nandari's Jinghajiva was xrayed (Sart Tilman, University of Liége, Belgium):
Elbows: 0/0, shoulders: excellent. Now waiting for the commission's result of hips.

06.08.: CACIB Ludwigshafen (D):
Jiva reached CAC, CACIB and was again BOB.
So she finished 6 shows with 4xBOB and 2xBOS so far.

23.07.: CACIB Liége (B):
- Jiva reached CAC and CACIB, was Best Of Breed and got the Belgian Breeding Permission.

Jiva BOB

26.06.: CACIB Genk (B): Jiva reached CAC and CACIB and was Best Of Breed.

12.06.: CACIB Saarbrücken: Jiva reached CAC and CACIB.

04.06.: IDS Nitra (Slovakia): Nandari's Janimah reached her 3. CAC.

June 2011: Rhadja had his first show in baby class, judge was Mrs. Zwaartman-Pinster (NL).
Judge Report: male, 4.5 months old with strong, masculine head and muzzle, good eyes, expression, ear and bite, well angulated in front and rear with good, strong bone, good topline and tail carriage, good ribs & chest, movement needs to settle but typical, good coat - Best TM baby.

At the same show Jiva was judged 'excellent' and 'BOS' and Jakasha got 'very good'.

Rhadja at his first show 2011

Jiva BOS

Jakasha Rhadja & Jiva sharing the water bowl

May 2011: Jiva had her first national show in intermediate class.
Judge Report: Typical female, strong bone, super head, excellent hair quality and colour, correct front, deep chest, correct angulations, beautiful movement. Excellent 1, CAC Club, CAC VDH Ch., Best of Breed.

The same weekend her sister Gloria got 2x CAC and 1xCACIB in Slovakia.

Jiva at her first show 2011

Completely shed and after the whelping of 10 puppies, Nandari's Hanimah (Nimah) was given the title "FCI Centenary Winner" at Dortmund on May 8th. Judge: Kari Järvinnen (FIN)
Nimah at FCI Centenary Show in Dortmund 2011

Nandari's Janimah "Gloria" (Dzingha x Dagpa Gangkar) Show Results:
19.3.2011 Club Show Mojmirovce, SK (judge K. Acker): EXC 1, CACJ, Junior Clubwinner
-> all conditions fullfilled for the Slovakian Junior Champion
20.2.2011 National Show Nitra, SK (judge G. Ridarcíková): EXC.1, CACJ

Congratulations and well done, Gloria!!!

16.01. Nandari's Jakasha passed his breeding permission with "excellent"

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