Nandari Meeting
Pictures Part 2
The Brunch & The walk

Perfect menu for our guests and the first Nandari meeting, the breakfast / lunch and on the right, cakes for coffee time after the rallye

The first game and challenge: "The sausage under water"
"I should lay down? Why should I do this? – Oh, what a nice plant, exploring it is much more important than to listen to my owner!"
How to react if your owner wants you to lay down or sit – to look the opposite direction always works well or to act like deaf.
Discussing the rallye questionaires
Neeri and brother Naboo having a drink and some rest
The three kids and our guest Sasha, the TT
Team Michewa concentrating on the questionaire
Our lovely place in the forest
Not only exercises for the dogs but also some sports for the humans and fun for the children
The beautiful prices for the participants of the Nandari Rallye and preparing the award ceremony
Winner of the rallye: Team Puschkin
2nd place: Team Brittany
two 3rd places: Team Althan & Nanu
Group photo of the Nandari pack